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Market Access

Market access is so important in the pharmaceutical industry because it is crucial to the success of a drug or medical therapy throughout its life cycle.  

Market access management in the broadest sense covers numerous areas from the planning of clinical trials to reimbursement negotiations or the definition of distribution channels, which in the best case scenario lead to approval, reimbursement with a defined price and successful access for patients to therapies. 

We offer advice and support across the entire spectrum of market access measures - for both the intramural and extramural sectors. To do this, we have divided market access into four phases and summarized them in the AXXESS cycle. We refer to these four phases as

  • Preparation

  • Application

  • Negotiation

  • Evaluation

Axxess Cycle hell_edited.jpg


The preparation and analysis phase forms the basis for successful market access. If necessary activities are not carried out here, this will have a negative impact on the following phases. For example, if the endpoints required by the payer are not taken into account in clinical trials, challenges will arise when negotiating reimbursement.

Examples of consulting services during the preparation phase include:

  • Market studies (epidemiology, KOLs, patient pathways, reimbursement situation, stakeholder analysis, competitors, etc)

  • Estimation of the likely price range at the time of reimbursement

  • Adaptation of the Global Value Story

  • Carrying out advisory board meetings (clarification of pharmacological, medical, economic aspects)

  • Determination of the market access strategy including reimbursement and pricing


  • Writing the reimbursement application (dossier) 

  • Support in submitting the application to the  Austrian social insurance 


  • Support in defining the negotiation strategy

  • Support in formulating the statement on the preliminary assessment

  • Advice during negotiations with the Austrian social insurance


No two procedures for including a medicinal product in the reimbursement code are the same. Nevertheless, there are many things that can be learned from completed procedures that can be helpful for future products. That's why, after a procedure has been completed, we support the Market Access team in assessing the activities carried out, the strategy and the arguments used. In a workshop, all aspects of the market access process are critically reviewed and learnings are identified for the next application.

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