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Process cost analysis

The application of medical therapies can be seen as a sequence of many individual services and process steps. Depending on the therapy, healthcare professionals are involved in these processes to varying extents. Resources can only be optimally planned and medically equivalent therapies prioritized according to their resource consumption if the processes are transparently mapped and quantified.

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We make therapy processes transparent

Process cost analysis with IBEXX

Especially before the market launch of a new therapy that will significantly change existing processes, it is often unclear what quantitative effects these changes will have on the human and financial resources of the healthcare provider (e.g. hospital).

If the new therapy involves oral medication instead of infusion therapy or if the new medication only has to be administered every three months instead of weekly administration, then the workload for the healthcare provider is significantly reduced, freeing up resources. Conversely, new technologies can require additional processes and therefore resources.

The uncertainties regarding future resource consumption can to a large extent be quantified with our method before the first use of a new therapy. 

Recording the individual services and process steps and allocating human and financial resources is a very complex and time-consuming process.

Input is also required from nursing staff and doctors. In order to minimise the time required by healthcare professionals, the input is recorded, documented and analysed using a software that we have developed together with our Swiss partner company HEMAG AG. The advantage of the software is that hundreds of services and process steps, which are already stored in our database, can be added to the treatment plans using selection lists and drag & drop, or moved easily and quickly within a day or between individual days.

Further detailed information can be found at: 

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